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Kick off yer boots, set a spell, and I'll show you some photos, share some horse-handling and riding tips, answer a bunch of questions, and spin a yarn or two 'bout horses, cowboys, riding, what's happenin' in my neck of the woods, and more!

To make your stay here more interesting, I've stashed a bunch of photos, horsemanship tips, and other fun stuff in all sorts of nooks and crannies. One section is now huge: an online illustrated "Cowboy Dictionary" with more than 1,200 entries and hundreds of graphics!

The Home Spread now has more than 800 pages, so have fun lookin' around!

Small animated horseMy Kinfolk

Small animated horseWilly & Company

Small animated horseSome Newspaper Columns
(A sample of my columns from the pages of the Grand Rapids, MN, Herald-Review)

Small animated horse Cowboy Bob's Trading Post
(Shop for horse and Western-related books, westernwear, gifts for horse lovers, and lots of other great stuff on-line! I think you'll be impressed by these top-of-the-line merchants -- places like Shepler's, Back In The Saddle, and Barnes and Noble!)

Small animated horseCowboy Bob's Weather Lore
(A collection of handy weather sayings and insights you should know before you hit the trail!)

Small animated horseCowboy Bob's Campfire Conversations
(An assortment of stories about horses, cowboys, the Old West and more --
served with a sprinkling of my horse-handling tips!)

Small animated horseLearning More About Horses, Horsemanship, Cowboys and Such
Be sure to check out the expanded "Questions and Answers" section -- with more than 300 horsemanship and cowboy related entries

Small animated horseCowboy Bob's Cowboy Calisthenics
(A practical, low-impact physical fitness program - and it's free!)

Small animated horseCowboy Bob's Trophy Case

Small animated horseCowboy Bob's Cowboy Dictionary
This is the most popular section of the Home Spread! About 1,200 cowboy words and phrases plus hundreds of illustrations!

Calvary Pines Baptist Church western VBS Even greater than my love of horses is my love of the young adults I get to work with at the little country church I attend. Sometimes I even get to combine the two - like when we have a Western-themed Vacation Bible School. Click here if you'd like to learn more about Calvary Pines Baptist Church in Cohasset, Minnesota. (
Home on the Range

Here's yours truly and Willy when Willy was 26 and before his health began to fail. Willy's registered name is "Birchwoods King Supreme," but that's a bit of a mouthful, so he was usually just called Willy. I have no idea who gave him that nickname originally.

Cowboy Bob and and his American Saddlebred horse, Willy
Jenny doing a horseback exercise called the Swan Willy at work (play?)

During the time I had him, we've had hundreds of folks of various sizes on Willy. Some of the more advanced students developed their sense of balance and the way a horse moves by doing some basic equestrian vaulting moves. (Vaulting is probably best defined as "Gymnastics on Horseback").

Here's a picture of Jenny doing a bareback exercise that I call "The Swan." (See the "Willy & Company" page for some of Willy's other friends.)

Where it all began

Yep, that's yours truly forkin' his first bronc at the ripe old age of 28 months.

Two-year-old Cowboy Bob on a pony

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